Jesus Christ Brett just RETIRE

who woulda guessed that favre would want to come back? personally as a packers fan i don't want him back but if he decides to "unretire" they really have no choice. if they don't bring him back and either trade or release him they'll never hear the end of it if he does better than aaron. if they keep him rodgers will probably want out. no win situation and it's really not fair of him to do this shit every year


 It's a dick move that alot of people saw coming in February (when he didn't file his retirement papers right away)

What's the count up to now? Does he enjoy crying in front of the cameras and then returning to the game?

 He needs to retire...this is a joke.

let him play, if he still gots it, go for it. However it might not be with the packers which will be strange.

If he decides to come back, he is being a selfish prick and shitting all over the Packers' organization and fans who have deified him to the point where he can do no wrong.Not only might he be running off the future of the Packers in Aaron Rodgers but he is forcing them to play the lesser quarterback. Although he has only had limited snaps, Rodgers clearly outplayed Favre in the Dallas game last year.

LOL @ Favre being lesser than Aaron Rodgers.  Goddamn 95.7 rating last year and you don't want him back?  28TD/15INT ratio, 4,155 yds.  Rodgers is just gonna come in and do that?? 

MORANS! Unless all you fuckers are trolling. 

Being a Bears fan I'd love to see him stay away.  Ain't gonna happen though.  He'll be starting on opening day.

Season Team   Passing Rushing Fumbles
G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg TD FUM Lost
2007 Green Bay Packers 16 16 356 535 66.5 4,155 7.8 28 15 15 93 95.7 29 12 0.4 0 9 3

Favre's day is done, he needs to accept it. He throws too many interceptions at very inopportune times in the big games as well.

he is an attention whore

John Madden made Brett 'an offer he can't refuse' so John can say "Brett Favre is just having fun out there" a few hundred more times

The packers are a contender with Favre. With Rodgers I think they might be a wild card team.

He asked for his release... where will he wind up?

 bad all around.  Favre taints his legacy as a (near) career long Packer and Packers have to go through growing pains with a new QB.  2 good quarters from Rodgers doesn't convince me he's anything yet.  Plus he got hurt right away. 

pack should trade him to either baltimore, miami or kc. if a deal can't be made to 1 of the 3 then tell him he can have the job in gb of holding the clipboard

The Packers are crazy if they don't take Favre back. Rodgers has played in two games and was injured both times. As of right now an over the hill Favre is greater than Rodgers.

If they don't want to take Favre back just release him. That would get rid of any unwanted drama. The GM/owners are just afraid to make a decision. They need to grow some balls and decide what they want to do.

Best possible move for the Packers: Let Favre come back with a 2 year commitment. Trade Rodger's for some value this year (i.e. Jason Taylor and a late pick). Develop Brohm for the next 2 years to take over for Favre.

Seriously, can you really run Favre out of the town he helped to keep alive in the NFL after free agency for an unproven Rodgers, who is a free agent in 2 years. And please don't be one of those idiots who think Rodgers will be an elite QB because of the Dallas game.

And everyone saying he is being selfish towards the Packers, try to listen to both sides. In my opinion, the Packers are in the wrong, more so Ted Thompson. Maybe if he would have welcomed Favre back, and didn't force a rushed decision, the packers wouldn't be sitting in this position.

 Anybody that put up the numbers Favre did last year still has "it".  Rodgers is a nobody and is a far, far cry from Favre.  I understand the Pack wanting to move on but they rushed Brett into making his decision earlier this year.  Favre has every right as an elite athlete to want to play again.  Packers are dumb if they don't give him the starting job right now, IMO.

I generally tend to side with ownership in problems with players, however I'm on Favre's side all the way here.  In the right circumstance he is still a top 10 QB in the NFL and if the Pack wants to move on without him they should just do it.