Jesus Christ! TAP ALREADY!

In Rizen you get a 50k bonus if you let your arm break

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Could be worse.

"I kimura’d a man today, He is Dead!!!

I had a guy in NAGA where I had the leverage to crank this dudes arm. I just held it and looked at the ref for a while and he stopped the match. In a fight I guess I’m breaking the arm but no way am I celebrating after it snaps. I’d probably ask the ref to stop the fight unless I hated the guy

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I was going to get into the “why” we tap but the simplicity of his answer, in that little moment, made my own life feel a lot less complicated, so I let it be haha

I would never break anyones arm - I rather lose - I know my level and breaking some assholes arm who won’t tap doesn’t validate me- I walk right off the mat

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