Jesus Didn't Tap?!?!?!

It might have somehting to do with the fact that his hands were nailed to a  block of wood.....but you know that's just me thinking out loud.


Plus...if was able to tap I suspect that the Romans probably wouldn't have cared. But it's a great slogan...please carry on.


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Voting you down would just be piling on, imo. Happy travels.

 Was that even an option?

 You guys are awesome!

 he would never Tap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 ^^^He was physically incapable of doing so.

 It should be "Jesus wouldn't have tapped even if his wrists were not impaled by large metal spikes rendering unable to tap even if he wanted to....whiich he wouldn't...but at least he would have the option."

For fuck's sake, what is the point of this?

Yes he did. He got caught in the crucifix

your girlfriends pimp - Yes he did. He got caught in the crucifix

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