Well, well, what an interesting map we have circulating on the OG. I'm not religious any more, but here's a crazy thought...

Much like politics in Germany and the rise of hitler gave weight to hating and killing Jews, the anti-christ is coming to America. The last socially acceptable form of bigotry from the "political correct" crowd is bashing Christians. Right now it's political and was it in the beginning with the nazis. So much for being PC or "diverse and tolerant." The next thing you know it will be: 666 take the mark, or die!

Scary huh? I'm going to write a book. :-)

Here's another all starts this way, I'm tellin' ya!

Is this what you are talking about?

Yeah that one

i think Jesusland could beat the USC's ass

im glad to be in the pink part!

I'm always glad to be in the pink part too but I actually live smack dab in the middle of Jesusland.

I'm in Jesusland central as well.

you could create a little mini-pink land in the middle....kind of like the vatican.


I think that one went over your head.

aye it sure did...... but now i got it smack dab in the forehead lmao