Jet Li casting @ John Lewis school

Jet Li casting at John Lewis' school

Hey guys there will be a casting for a major Jet Li film at my school 3071 S. Valley View  Las Vegas, NV 89102.  I block north of Desert Inn.  The time is 10:00AM Sunday January 23rd. 



John Lewis



The film info is as follows;

Producer: Eastern Films HK Ltd

Director: Ronny Yu("51st State", "Freddy Vs Jason", "Bride With White Hair"

Action Dir: Yuen Woo-ping "The Matrix trilogy", "Kill Bill", "Danny The Dog/Unleashed"

Film has no English name yet, its Chinese name if it helps is "Fok Yuen-gap"

Its a movie about the teacher of Bruce Lee's character in "The Chinese Connection", and Jet li's character in "Fist Of Legend"


Film will be shooting in China for a five month period starting from middle-late March

The fighters required are;

A WWF style wrestler the bigger the better

A British Boxer

A French Savate player

A Prussian/German Swordsman

A French Fencer

A Spanish Whip & Sword Guy


Each of the fighters will be needed for a two-four week period of shooting

Each of the fighters has a character, with a back story

I hate to say it, but after watching Ong Bak, Jet Li is going to have to really step up his game.

Jet Li is awesome and his movies rock.  Too bad I don't live near Vegas...  I'd love to be an extra that gets his ass kicked by the great Jet Li.

"A Prussian/German Swordsman
A French Fencer
A Spanish Whip & Sword Guy"

wtf? This movie sounds gayer than Carson Kressley

Fantastic! I happen to be a Prussian/German Swordsman and I've never found a part that was right for me! I'm also a Spanish Whip & Sword Guy!

So this is a sequel? prequel? to Fist of Legend?

"So this is a sequel? prequel? to Fist of Legend?"

Not necessarily. They might just be two films about the same subject, independent of one another. The guy the film's about is a pretty famous Chinese historical hero, so there's probably been a bunch of movies made about him. He was ahead of his time in that he was a kung fu MMA-ist. He incorporated all sorts of different techniques under one school. The Chinese people of his day revered him because he was one of the only Chinese guys to have publicly beaten a bunch of foreign MA'ists. This was during the period where China was being seriously bitch slapped by foreign colonials, so his fights helped to boost morale among the common citizens a bit. I don't know about "Prussian swordsmen" and "Spanish whip fighters" but he did beat some Russian wrestlers and Japanese MA'ists.

sounds like a cool movie...
i heard somewhere once that "fist of legend" was actually sort of an homage to the bruce lee film "chinese connection"...

They were doing the casting for this film in Thailand as well. From what I heard in the end of the movie Jet Li fights for three days non stop against several fighters... then he dies. Not sure if that is the real story though...

Ah, rats... if only I had practiced my swordsmanship...

lol @ the title "Fuck Yuen-gap". Well, almost.

Yuen Woo PING HOLY CRAP the master of all fight choroegraphers. You forgot his most important movie(s)

Once Upon a Time in China 1,2, etc...

Once Upon a Time in China (1-3 at least) are all wonderful must have masterpieces

WOW! Amazing oportunity. Best of luck to everyone who tries out.

good stuff