Jet Li could Beat Any Kickboxer

seriously, with his years of Wushu prowess and blinding speed, not kickboxer would be able to keep up. The only reason any of his fights would go past the first round would be because he would not be able to use his pressure point attacks that he showed in Kiss of the Dragon.

sure why not.

*lovingly pats the head of the flying monkey that just flew out of my ass*

bull, I can understand why you wouldnt want to recognize the supremity of Jet Li and Wushu as a fighting style, but just face facts, he is the ultimate fighting machine utilizing a superior system of fighting.

im gonna give you a +6 Good try troll

don't mind Somervile, he probably believes in that mythical catch wrestling stuff too :)

lkfmdc, dont be foolish, I have no delusions about the supposed greatness of Catch wrestling. The only wrestling worth taking is the hidden Wushu ground techniques

No one can beat this man!

he was Jets teacher and by all accounts, Jet has surpassed him

Catch wrestling is dead Jim.

is that what you learned in Somerville?.....

all us somerville cats are down with the wushu. its why we're the baddest sons of a biscuit box on earth

Bodhiramma could take any living creature.

Wushu @ Sityodtong?.....

Wow, now that might be something to look into.

"Wushu @ Sityodtong?..... "

Oh no, no Wushu there. I had to travel to the exotic and untamed land of Revere to train with Grand Master Carradine

Revere?...Pennsylvania? or Minnesota?...Grand Master Carradine?....Please tell me where! I must learn The Deadly Wushu!

revere massachusetts, a land of mystery and danger.