Jet Pack and Harrier Jet in GTA:SA

LOL, I just found out that you can use a Jet Pack in San Andreas and fly around like the Rocketeer.

Also, you can steal a Harrier Jet and blow shit up like Arnold did in True Lies.

Here's some pics of the Jet Pack:

Post some of him flying

Those pics aren't mine. I stole them from some dork on Gamefaqs.

he must be a dork. his CJ looks like a total clown.

my CJ would tune his CJ

lol, I am thinking about PS2 jackin a mofo just so I can play this shiznit. hah, I'm dyin over here!!

if you have xbox, I'm sure you could find some PS2 owner that would switch up for a bit to get a taste of xbox games. unless that is if he owns GTA

exactly, lol

then 9 days later you're gonna wanna swap back anyhow.

Low down is SORELY n SURELY missing out on GTA SA :)

man, an afro, haha that looks so strange to me since i played like all the game with cornrows

i wonder where that is?

"i wonder where that is?"

I read that the jet pack is located somewhere around Area 69 (Area 51 rip-off) in Las Venturas.

So I bet most people still have a LONG way to go before they're able to use it. I'm still on the first city.

its in a military base, you get it on a mission