Jets will get murdered....

Steelers will maul them......

i think colts may beat the pats with ty law being out

I like Indy's chances with Law out and the illegal contact rule actually being enforced.

Unless it's a blizzard at Foxboro or Gillette or whatever they call it now.

I think the Jets might have spent their load......The Steelers will be rested and waiting for them.....

Jets will have to go on the road again and win .....which is Hard...real

bullfuckingshit, jets were in the game the whole time even though they played a HORRIBLE game and it was in Pitt a couple weeks ago. Now they have renewed confidence I think they can win this game.

Yeah, but this man didn't play in the Jets game.  Plex IS Big Ben's Go To Guy!  Jets can't handle Hines Ward, Plex, and Randle El!!!!!


i think penningtons arm is still screwed up a bit. the steelers should be able to win.

i think the colts have a pretty good chance as well with the pats secondary all banged up.

i think the rams might beat the falcons, its just a hunch.

and i think the eagles will beat the vikes in a very close game. in fact, i wouldnt be surprised if the vikes pulled it off.

Dude, the Jets are going to get their asses kicked.

Floppy has cuaght the correct ...

I dont see how on earth anyone gives Jets a FREAGIN chance to begin with against ANYONE (check last 3 games) those were enough to tell u something of those guys. THose teams they lost to and so called "won" against the Chargers was a cheap ass fluke .

WHAT on earth are they going to do against the Steelers?? At home ...with ALL there WMD players and Pro bowlers?? HEll the 3stringers for Pitts whipped up on Buffalos starters LOL!!! and IMO Buffalo is better than the Jets

I'm a big Herm Edwards fan, and I like Curtis Martin. But I just can't see the Jets going into Pittsburgh and winning.

if john abrahms plays it COULD be CLOSE.

if he doesn't play steelers will kill the jets

I am not counting the jets out of this. The nfl has upsets every week. 3 road teams won last week. Teams realize that when you start the playoffs your team is 0-0. What happened in the regular season doesnt matter. All that matters is who kicks the most ass in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh is on fire no doubt about that but the jets are playing really good right now. Pittsbugh will probably win this but if the Jets get an early start look for a very close game.

Tito or Tease has touched on the most important aspect of this game: Plaxico will be playing this time. The Jets only chance is by scoring on special teams and having the Steelers turn the ball over 4 or times.
The Jets offense does not scare anybody.

Anybody can beat anybody in the NFL. The Jets have a shot for sure and they have the tools to win the game. Will they? Most likely not.

I hope the Jets can pull this on off but their FUCKING SECONDARY SUCKS!!!

I think the DL line will improve this game and stop that bus.

INTANGIBLE factor: The weather- It will be FREEZING this saturday and I don't see many deep passes

"INTANGIBLE factor: The weather- It will be FREEZING this saturday and I don't see many deep passes"


thats not a bad thing nor is it a worry for the Steelers if that is what u meant

It they are smart the jets will go deep on them early and often. Specifically Santana Moss, of he is ever matched up against Deshea Townsend watch out. that would be an automatic hot route for me. Deshea is one of the slower corners in the league, he also is very physical, it seems the refs are being assholes about the clutching and grabbing rules. Moss on Townesend, put it up. It comes down to the Jets D stopping the Steelers run. Good luck, nobody has been able to find a way to do that, and unlike the Broncos the Steelers actually stay with their running game.


yea they really got murdered you fucking tool

lol, admit it, you were surprised. :)

i was more suprised after basically handing the JETS the game ,,they STILL cudnt do it LOL!!

Franchise...they still a point or by sure those two kicks missed and that field goal to win the game sure MURDERED your hope of another meaningful Jet game for some time