Go Rory!!!!!!

Hell yes. The good guy won, the trash went home.

Rory's Jew Jitsu Rocks!

Great job!

Team Dagger = team gay...
so glad that's over...

shut the fuck up bob

Jew Jitsu! Jew Jitsu! Jew Jitsu!...

Jew Kick-U! Jew Kick-U! Jew Kick-U!

This thread makes me laugh.

Thanks a bunch.


p.s. every thread that gets moved to this lame ass sprawl tuf forum dies so i hope this board is getting good money from them because its a thread killer

hhh checking in...

beware the jewclaw goyim...

Don't forget the jew horns.

You try to throw the jew down the well you get your head kicked!

He rolled over him like a he was a Jebusite!

Filthguy, why don't you tell us what you are going to have to say, since none of us listen to your show?