Jewel @ NBC Fall Launch Party in NYC

Soup Nazi -

Is that Bill Clinton on her kneecap? Phone Post 3.0

Damn...getting hotter with age Phone Post

All that money and she still looks like a piranha Phone Post 3.0

Oh those beautiful booooooooobies! Phone Post 3.0

nice stems

Berserker -

Fucking gorgeous...dont care about her mangled teeth.

I love her teeth Phone Post 3.0

loved her 1st album

Did she fall from heaven? 'Cause her grill is all jacked up.

Frank Gallagher - 

She's got enough money to fix those damn teeth. Still hot as fuck though Phone Post

Exactly this!

love the teeth

Tits Phone Post 3.0

Is it just me or does she look like she's had some kind of facial plastic surgery? 

She could eat an apple through a picket fence with those teeth. But those bewbs........ mmmmmm Phone Post 3.0

Does she even make music anymore? Haven't heard anything about her in years. Phone Post 3.0

Me gusta

I'd pay to watch jewel make stool (on my chest). Phone Post

There are topless pics floating around

Mark Phone Post 3.0

She kinda reminds me of Jennifer Tilly in some of those shots.

Anyone else seeing it?