Jewish MMA fighters?

As I was reading through some of the posts about "Christian MMAers"....and Nazi threads & swastika crap....I started wondering if there any Jewish MMA fighters? If so who are they & how did they become a fighter?

If we have a few...who knows we may Adam Sandler can write us a new Hannukah song for next I heard you can sing like a canary!

Anyway if there are any Jewish fighters or UG members.....Happy Hannukah guys! 

not active anymore, retired, but Adam Resnick of NYC fought MMA and was 4-0. He was also a San Shou champion, and fought in Gene Lebell's grappling tournament and the NYC golden gloves...

I'm pretty sure that Moti Horenstein is Jewish.

wow.....that's pretty cool...I never knew that....thanks guys 

Renzo Goldstein, 400 - 0, MMA record. Jewish as a salty bagel...

Mir's g2 be a joke

rory singer

The "Hebrew Hammer" Ido Paraente. Kicked some major ass in the midwest before moving back to Isreal. Just won a pancration world title in Italy.

"I'm pretty sure that Moti Horenstein is Jewish."

You're correct. 

Not MMA, but Gocha Tzitziashvili won gold in the 84-kg class at the World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships in 2003.

Of course Jewish is an ambiguous term. Are there any MMA practitioners that also practice as Chasid, Chassid, Hasid, Hassid, Hebrew, Israelite, Jew, Jewish
Orthodoxy, Orthodox Judaism religion?

Isn't Tito 1/2 Jewish? His real name is Jacob something...

With a name like Jacob, Tito's either Jewish or Amish!


Yatsuzaki....I'm not Hassidic, but my grandfather was an Orthodox Rabbi in Israel. It was just too strict for me & wasn't what I felt comfortable with. My parents always encouraged us to have strong beliefs. Personally, I have strong beliefs, but I also feel that adapting the proper religious level is what will perpetuate the religion to the next generation in a way they can observe and also pass on with encouragement.

If you are looking to sponsor a fighter, my real name is Mayhem Millershivitz

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yet, remarkably, with this post...

Yeah I see your point. But also aren't some people called Jewish just because of their last name or the country they come from? That's different than someone that calls themself a christian or a neo-nazi right?


n : a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties [syn: Jew, Hebrew, Israelite]

well, Jesus was a Jew...

we know this because he lived at home until he was 30, went into the family business, his mother thought he was god and he thought his mother was a virgin

Wow, 30 posts and not one "Jew-jitsu" joke?

The UG comedy troop is slacking off.

I think Guy Mezger is jewish. Mezger means butcher in german.