JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass

I only watched it about 6 or so months ago. I was suppried how good it was. For some reason i was avoiding it for years thinking it would be tacky and I thought i was already pretty educated on the subject.
I had no idea about any of the jim garrison side of things.

So. The thing is. I feel like an idiot.
You haven’t directly said it, but I’ve seen heaps of footage of witnesses saying there was a hole in ithe back of Kennedy’s head.
The problem seems to lay in the fact that some of the official autopsy reports suggest there was absolutely no hole in the back of Kennedy’s head. Just a small entrance wound.
That’s clear tampering with evidence.
The article link and this guy spelling it out made me twig.

I had a feeling this whole case was based on corruption of evidence at it’s crux.
I know im slow off the mark but is that the case ?


Like I say,the medical evidence is a damn mine field & you need a damn mine sweeper.In a way I feel like Humes was trying to tell us something.He was honest about some things & dishonest in others.

The big hole in the back of the head,was probably in the first autopsy report that Humes burned.This is just speculation on my part.

What is strange about the existing autopsy report is Humes descriptions & measurements.Clearly Humes is describing in the autopsy report of lacerations that don’t come from bullets,but rather from a scalpel.The autopsy report makes it sound like a bomb went off in his head.

David Lifton hired a doctor to help him with the language and the terminology that they use…To quote the doctor that Lifton hired he said that a laceration that Humes described sounds like he got hit in the head with an ax (that is how deep it was)

Your best bet bro is to go with the Parkland Dr’s,nurses & witnesses.These witnesses testimony is before any corruption was involved.

I personally believe Humes first location of the bullet wound in back of the head at (slightly above the EOP and to the right) The problem with this location is that the EXIT wound in back of the head almost obliterated it.

Two bullets into Kennedy’s head.One from the front & one from the rear almost happening simultaneously,with the back of head happening first.

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Bungee Up,

I wish that I could remember Humes exact words to a question while under oath.

The question was asked and Humes reply was that " I am under certain obligations that suggest to me that it might not be preferable"

What are these obligations?

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This is what they guy in the documentary I posted was saying. It would explain a lot.
I haven’t actually heard that theory before.

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The thing with people who don’t believe in conspiracys always go to is " there would be to many people involved to keep it secret " . It sounds like a good argument but in reality I don’t think it’s true.
First of all I don’t think you need that many people involved. Maybe 1 or 2 hundred, tops.
Second. When it comes crunch time a lot of people are going to look the other way. For various reasons. The greater good, doing the right thing , fear , or even just the sense of being part of a secret.
Third. That’s not a lot of people to drown out over the white noise of the media machine.
Fourth. People cant actually wrap their head around a lie if it’s big enough. Their default will be to trust in authority.
Fifth. We saw how there is tenticals in institutions that the deep state have to push an agenda. Jfk was a good example of them being able to cook up the outcome they wanted. Same with Clinton’s shady shit as governor of Arkansas ( extends much futher than that )
To the whole consensus on the covid agenda being top down . To the most glaring examples of how they can say 50 intelligence agencies officals say the hunter laptop was bullshit.
You can throw 9/11 in there as well.
There’s example after example of this just being the way the world is. At this point it’s hard for me to see how people can’t see the examples of narrative control and secrecy.
Point being , i dont think it would have been that hard to get to hume. They probably got him to sign that contract saying he can’t talk about it under penalty of court Marshall that they made a lot of them sign.
The thing people need to remember is these agencies can do all manner of illegal and shady shit. They are never going to be brought to justice. There is almost no way to go after them.

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It’s right there in the Zapruder film.Homer McMahon who viewed the unaltered Zapruder film at a super secret location the weekend of the assassination says that he seen a “Halo” of brain matter that went 4 feet up in the air & that he says he could see 8 shots on the Zapruder film.

There are a couple of people in this thread that will say that the limo driver hit the brakes,causing JFK’s head to go downward.The conspirators could not eliminate the shot that came from the front,so they went with the “jet effect” theory.

The 4 foot halo of brain matter that Homer McMahon seen should not evaporate or disappear in one frame.

The conspirators combined both shots into one.

If you notice…the limo never slows down that much & almost come to a complete stop.The Zapruder film shows the limo maintaining a constant speed.The Muchmore film shows the limo slowing down almost to a complete stop with SS agent Clint Hill climbing onto the back of JFK’s limo.

Lots of fuckery going on with the Zapruder film.The black blob,the left turn onto Elm Street,the limo almost coming to a stop & the headshot sequence.

*Before you call bullshit,I can remember Homer McMahon saying that he seen 8 shots.It might have been Dino Brugioni that seen the halo of brain matter.Both of these guys worked the weekend of the assassination.

** These guys did the work (briefing boards) at the NPIC or the super secret Hawkeye Works.

*** Brugioni is the one who worked on the briefing boards that are not in the archives.

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Yeah,it was Homer who said he seen the 8 shots & it was Dino who said that he seen the 4 foot “white cloud” of brain matter.Both of these guys worked at the NPIC.

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Homer & Dino’s work was done “after hours” and their supervisor tried to keep it secret from each other.

Interesting. I hadn’t thought about that before

Saw. Saw! Not seen.

I did some snooping around & found this.I don’t expect anybody to read it,because it’s very long.I thought that I posted in the thread,but I did not.

Still looking for the 8 shots,but you have this for now.

Jeremy Gunn: Yes, I’d like to go back to something you said earlier in the interview where you said, “When I recall…he took three hits, possibly four,” and it wasn’t clear to me if he was, were you were talking about Kennedy or Connally. Did you reach a conclusion as to the number of hits on President Kennedy?

HM: My guess, I thought six or eight, but the consensus was two or three. They said it hit Kennedy and hit Connally, ricochet…

A startling revelation in 2011—the “head explosion” seen in the extant Zapruder film, in the National Archives today, is not at all consistent with the head explosion seen by Mr. Brugioni in the Zapruder film he viewed on the evening of November 23, 1963: During the follow-up interview at Dino Brugioni’s home on April 28, 2011, Peter Janney showed Mr. Brugioni a good image of frame 313 from the extant Zapruder film—the so-called “head explosion”—scanned from a 35 mm dupe negative of the film obtained from the National Archives. [The provenance of the frame used therefore unquestionably represents what is in the National Archives today.] Mr. Brugioni was quite startled to find out that this was the only frame graphically depicting the “head explosion” in the extant film, which the National Archives has characterized as “the original film.” He insisted that the head explosion he viewed multiple times on 11/23/63 was of such a great size, and duration (in terms of time), that there should be many more frames depicting that explosion than “just the one frame” (frame 313), as shown in the Zapruder film today. Furthermore, he said the “head explosion” depicted in the Zapruder film today is too small in size, and too low in the frame, to be the same graphic depiction he recalls witnessing in the Zapruder film on Saturday, November 23rd, 1963 at NPIC. Mr. Brugioni viewed the Zapruder film as a motion picture several times during the HD video interview I conducted with him on July 9, 2011—using the 1998 MPI DVD product, Image of an Assassination, made by the LMH Co. in 1997 from the film in the National Archives—and reiterated those comments that he made on April 28th to Peter Janney, insisting that “something was missing” from the film in the National Archives today. While viewing the video on July 9, 2011, Mr. Brugioni also stated that the head explosion he viewed was a large “white cloud” that surrounded President Kennedy’s head, and was not pink or red, as shown in the extant Zapruder film. The words below are excerpted from Dino Brugioni’s April 28, 2011 interview with Peter Janney, as he recounted what he recalled seeing when he watched the head explosion in the Zapruder film on 11/23/63:

“…I remember all of us being shocked…it was straight up [gesturing high above his own head]… in the sky …There should have been more than one frame…I thought the spray was, say, three or four feet from his head…what I saw was more than that [than frame 313 in today’s film]…it wasn’t low [as in frame 313], it was highthere was more than that in the original …It was way high off of his head…and I can’t imagine that there would only be one frame. What I saw was more than you have there [in frame 313"


Another challenge not accepted by Posner in person about a day ago.

“I actually replied to all of these. Oliver chimed in on Weiner. I even challenged Posner and Kirchick to a debate. I did debate a Chomsky acolyte–Bob Buzzanco-- and I think I did pretty well. He’s still sore at me.”

It was James D who issued the challenge.