Did you noticed that JHR has a fixation on homosexuals, he was saying that Alfredsonn and Hossa were gays, and dressing Alfredsonn as a ballerine confirms my thoughts (it was probably one of his fantasms). And now he's fixating on Bobby Clarke...

What the hell is going on with that guy?

Of course he does, he;s a leafs fan.

case closed.


*Flexes MOD muscle and warns YL2...

Just because I can.....

I'm no Freud, but I would assume taking the time to create a thread about somebody being fixated on homosexual's kind of speaks volumes doesn't it ??

Food for thought I guess....


That or you're having one of those "fantasms" you mentioned...lol

Don't make me start up all this equipment just for you, son...


By the way it's only a joke, i've been warned by mod. !!!! Oh yeah... JHR is a mod, i forgot about it.


Yan, I knew you were joking ! LOL

The warning was a joke too..hahah!

It's playoff time, I expect to take some harassment :)


y2l... what is your email address? I have some video clips and pic for you of the Victoriaville show. Goo Flyers!

Hey Crazyhook, my e-mail is yloof@hotmail.com, if it's too big for hotmail send it to YANNICK.LOOF@MINIBROSSARD.COM.


I will fire them off later tonight, let me know when you get them. take care man