JHR...maybe you could help?

You wouldn't happen to know the details for the TKO show this weekend would you? Hotel or directions? ( I am assuming you are going)

Any help....from anyone would be great. Also, I'm not feeling the buzz for this show like others from the past. I have a feeling this will not be the "big show" they were hoping for.


JHR is NOT going...

Because he couldn't get hotel info...

Sorry Chief !

"I'm not feeling the buzz for this show like others from the past"

Took the words right out of my mouth...

Oh no... JHR is talking in the 3rd person.

JHR has noted AlexC's post, and is contemplating a reply...

I ended up booking here:

Holiday Inn Select Quebec City Downtown
395 De La Couronne Rue
Qu├ębec, QC G1K 7X4
Phone: 418-647-2611

Can anyone explain why there is no information about the show lately? It is on right. Funny...I orderd my tickets the other day and the rep refused to give me a confirmation number...but "promised" they would be there. She would not let me speak to anyone else and insisted that it was normal for NO confirmation number to be provided!?

I hope you dont wait in a huge lineup for your tickets Chief... :(

I'm not sure it will be a huge line at all. I was pretty much told I could have any seat I wanted in section 5, when I order 2 days ago....

JHR has moved into the realm of one name superstars who refer to themselves in the 3rd person.

Ever since he got the bitchin' ride...