Jhun vs. K-Taro

According to completevaletudoaccess.blogspot.com (which is an awesome site that everyone should read) Ronald Jhun of Hawaii will be taking on K-Taro Nakamura from WK Tokyo Honbu.Should be a good match up,I gotta go with K-Taro cause he's a WK boy.

btw this is for the Shooto Pac-Rim Middleweight title.

Jhun will kill him.

Thanks for the link btw

I'm promoting that fight any info you might need bdkamaka@comcast.net.

we are currently rapping this fight up!!

Damm how you guys find out

K-Taro by rear naked choke.

He's a good prospect.

"Jhun will kill him."

Me thinks not.K-Taro's a solid grappler.

"Jhun will kill him."

K-Taro should submit him .. he only way Jhun can win is to catch K-Taro standing .. grappling wise this is not even close.

K-Taro is a great guy and a good teacher. Hope he wins this one!(Which I'm sure he will:-D)


How long has K-Taro been training for?

WOW sounds like its going to be a great fight hope all goes well.

I thin Jhun grappling is very under-rated but its sounds like Nakamura is great on the ground.

As HAMMA said... This is not confirmed yet, but currently being negotiated.

More to come.

Shooto has hit rock bottom if they are having title fights in PIP at Dole Cannery. Having said that Jhun has a chance against anyone when he fights in Hawaii.

what make dole cannery rock buttom...

Dole is a great place that holds 2,000 seat. great facility, Big Screens!! Which dole cannery you tqalking about town or wailua..