Jhun vs Murray at UFC 48

Jhun (if he wins against Schults this friday) should take the fight with Murray IF the money is good.

Even if moves up in weight and beats Murray he gets a good payday, and might be able to get the UFC to let him fight at 170. PLUS he gets exposure.

If he gets beat, well it was at a higher weight, he gets a nice payday, and gets exposure that could help him get bigger fights at 170.

At this moment Jhun has been ducked by the major promotions for a while (like all the Hawaii boys). Win or lose, at least people will be talking about him.

However if the pay isn't that good, he should just stay at 170 and pay his dues. A fighter as good as Ron Jhun will eventually get noticed one way or another.

However there us a rumor that Miller may be out (vs St-Pierre) if this is true he should push hard to fight St-Pierre.

Curtis Stout is fighting Lee Murray

you sure. I thought Horn and Stout were fighting on the 6th.

Horn is fight Chael Sonnen

Yes I`m sure on both

shit that sucks, the UFC is really giving Murray an easy 2nd win arn't they.

Murray says no to Riggs but yes to Stout.

Sonnen took the fight with Jeremy on three days notice and agreed to fight at 195.

no dissrespect to Stout. The guy is tough, but he's not on the UFC's level imo.

However Stout has beaten some pretty tough guys in his time so you never know.....

Ide say Murray by TKO

Yeah I dont want to sound like Im dis-respecting Stout either.I was just surprised at Murray.

I wonder if Murray is getting 7/7 to fight Stout?

I didn't want to think Murray was ducking Riggs, but its hard not to think that now.

He said he didn't want Riggs cause it didn't move him any closer to a title shot.....but somehow Curtis Stout does?

Maybe the UFC is willing to pay Murray more money now?
We all know that alot of promotions in the US are tight with that pocket book.