Jhun wins by TKO!!!

From what I heard Brutal BEATDOWN...

Whne asked who he wants to fight Jhun replys "Jason Miller for Egan he doesn't care if its in UFC OR Hawaii!""


I wasn't thier but this is what I heard from someone sitting ringside!!

I don't see a Jhun/Miller fight happening in the UFC

Miller from what I hear is talking to UFC about 170lbs after beating Egan.

I also heard Jhun is talking with them for TIKI OR MILLER!!

Juhn would be awesome in the UFC!!


Zack email me sometime second2none@hawaii.rr.com I heard you won your fight


i was there... saw it live... the machine gun was truly impressive (as usual) and dominated his opponent and instead of riding out the last 30 seconds of the fight (that he would've easily won with a judge's decision), he decided to turn it on and managed to finish him with like 1 second on the clock...

matt hughes reffed all the fights tonight...

also... niko vitale completely dominated dave menne tonight who looked like he had been through a war at the end of the fight... niko won by unanimous judge's decision, and dave menne earns my respect for having a pretty friggin' solid chin... niko looked like he managed to dislocate his toe at the end of the first round but continued the fight and dominated...

props to harris sarmiento (sp?) as well for winning the 4-man 155lb tournament... he seemed, oddly enough, to actually get stronger during the second fight... and ended up taking the tournament with a judge's decision...

only real disappointment of the night was the eddie yagin / jens pulver kickboxing match... apparently jens pulver has stitches above one of his eyes and was supposed to not even fight at all tonight... but tried to put on an exhibition match with yagin, potentially consisting of 5 one minute rounds... doctors called the fight after pulver took a shot sometime during the second round...


and highlight of the night (at least for me)... getting to hug our coach and friend CHARUTO and congratulate him for his awesome showing at the UFC... and then getting to congratulate the man that shocked the world... BJ PENN...

and then getting told by BJ that he wants to see me actually eat 2 sumo burgers, since I failed miserably when we tried after the Rigan Machado seminar, and I was officially Mrs. Yoshida for the remainder of the evening... (long story...) (which only confirms that BJ actually wants to see me explode...)




Pffsshhh, "eat two Sumo burgers".


*hands Samoanpowr a tire repair kit since it sounds like he's sprung a leak...*

*uses the tire repair kit on HMCWolverine's midsection after it blows up from him trying to consume two Sumo Burgers* ;)


Samoanpowr has overeaten the correct...

But I will say that a certain other individual from the HMC family was only ONE bite from finishing a second sumo-burger... and this after consuming at least 5 or 6 beers... impressive to say the least (if not a little gross)... BJ was rooting for me to finish the second sumo-burger since I was involved in a challenge (and was getting my ass kicked by the way)... but I'm pretty sure he was cheering for me more so he could see me either 1) puke at the table 2) pass out or... 3) actually explode... ;)

Fastest consumption of a sumo-burger award goes to kawasakiyo... don't remember the exact time... know it was under 10mins... all's I know is I blinked and his sumo-burger was gone... then he finished eating his girl's food too... :|

All told... we ate 15 sumo-burgers that day... and as an interesting side-note Rigan was not able to finish his... ;) But he did laugh a great deal more than I've heard anyone laugh in quite some time...

TT Jhun

you have to give it to kyle he went in there and battled the hell out of him, was doing great till he gassed in the last round, i heard many people say even though he lost his heart won him fighter of the night

congratulations to jhun...I knew ron would pound kyle.. after seeing how my teamate royden did against kyle. Kyle took some pounding on the ground as well with roy.. I knew that rons ground and pound would just be too much..

Brees is one tough mofo. He took a lot of shots that would have others tapping. Good fight for Jhun!

But my favorite part of that fight was when (referee)Matt Hughes told Brees'corner to "SHUT UP". LOL

for results:


hawaii boys! jhun vs miller bring it on!

vlucero I don't know what fight they where watching but Kyle was mounted all three rounds. He took a beating but is very tough. TTT 4 Jhun