Jihadi Brides: What does the OG think?

So 3 teenage British Muslims have fled to Syria to join Islamic State and become a bride to some demented Jihadist whose dayjob consists of beheading apostates in an attempt to usher in the end-times.

Apparently a Muslim girl from Glasgow fled their last year and now blogs about her life as a Jihadi bride from within the Islamic State to try and encourage more Muslim girls to come and join her

As if my faith in humanity could not be dented even more.

I think the cause of women has just been set back by about 6 millenia.

Over 60 UK passport holders have done this.
Same with France.
Couple hundred from the whole of Europe.
And the US doesn't release their figure.
They apparently recruit over social media, and sometimes pay airfare or a fee if you become pregnant. Phone Post 3.0

Can't these girls just rebel in conventional ways?

Like taking drugs, sleeping with random guys or becoming lesbians.

Those will all piss their traditionalist parents off.

Instead they have to flee abroad to subjugate themselves to men whose passion for nihilist jihadist savagery is matched only by their fondness for the delicate areas of goats.

Sadly, it will be the death of them and they should know it. Phone Post 3.0

They deserve everything they get. Phone Post 3.0

If only you could be sure they would never return again.

Anyone that stupid deserves what they get. Phone Post 3.0

Trust - What in the hell do they think is going to happen to them? This is very cultish behavior. Phone Post 3.0
They go because being the wife of a martyr is an honour, and its important to have the jihadis babies. Phone Post 3.0

When Russians do it it is called sex slavery.

You could probably find 60 people who make love to meteorites. Why should I give any fucks about some random fetish statistically no one has?

Phone Post 3.0

Attention whores. Would love to see their faces when their a slave bride in some Syrian shithole. I wonder if they'll yearn for the freedom of the West then?

Where are the pics? I want to see Burkas Phone Post 3.0