Jim Breuer talks the Dark Side of Hollywood. Who is he talking about?

Eddie Murphy and Will Smith?


Posted here before, but time stamped below for another classic epic rant:


I’d say Murphy’s one for sure. I’m not sure on Smith as that I think the only person with that dirt is his wife.

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They never name names. Fuck you if you know awful things about people and don’t identify them.

PS: Brewer’s new special was off the hook!


Rape and molestation are awful! Huh? What? Psh…NO I’m not going to say anything. My career and the careers of others might be in jeopardy if I say something. But, I want you to know how bad I think it is. Its the worst. It changes peoples lives forever. The victims are the ones that have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Often times it happens to children. But I have a career in entertainment to keep so…why dont you all just keep guessing who it is. That’ll solve it.


Byron Allen. Always knew there was something up with that dude. lol. Why do I even remember that guy?

Corey Feldman’s agent

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Just came to me after all these years who Jim Breuer reminds me of.

Norton from The Honeymooners.


Didn’t watch. Is it just him making fart noises for five minutes?

Yeah I’m thinking Eddie Murphy after he mentioned the Transvestites and one of them getting caught and it just going away…

SNL is gay AF

Like homo-gay or lame-gay? Probably both. I don’t ever hear any shit about the “funny stuff that happened on SNL” anymore. I kind of did like 10 years ago, but even then it was stuff that just dumb and not funny, “OMG! The sloppy swish!!! LOL!”

No more cowbell or van down by the river. Just a bunch of weak crap for millennials.

Casting couch

That’s always been a thing. Chickenhawk Edition is a little different twist. Would explain why little boy looking actors are all the rage. That new spiderman, the chalemet guy, michael b. jordan was a gay looking little kid.

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it’s insane how often it’s mentioned in hollywood. even by victims. but they never name names. is it cuz there’s dirt on them too? is it to protect their careers? is it because they fear for their safety if they talk? is it just for attention? i’m not sure but it’s fucked up.

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