Jim Cornette

I love watching his short YouTube clips from his podcast.

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watch his epic rant on Tim Horner and tell me you wouldn’t buy this guy a beer IRL

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Cornette tells it like it is and doesn’t care if anybody that may be listening doesn’t like it. I personally think he’s brilliant


Bear agrees with this

Exactly. There is nothing worse than someone who hates everyone and everything. Dude is a whining bitch. The way he talks about Russo to this day is sad because he doesn’t even realize how pathetic it makes him look and how much Russo is still in his head.

He had one that literally had me in tears. It was the story about the kid who took his video camera and wouldn’t give it back , so Corny went to his house and nicely asked for it. When he didn’t give it back, Corny took a baseball bat and smashed every piece of glass and plastic on the guy’s car and drove off.