Jim Jackson to Suns?

That's the rumor on ESPN. It say the deal will likely send Casey Jacobsen, Maciej Lampe and Jackson Vroman to NO in return for JJ. Interesting trade. It'll allow them to trade Joe Johnson if they so desire.

If they don't trade Joe they will have at the very least given themselves at least one dependable 6th man.

fucking new orleans

Seems the rumors are true, great trade. CJ has heart but is way too streaky in the way he plays. Lampe and Vromen are virtually worthless.

How long has Jacobsen been in the league?

I believe it is his third season.

his rookie option wasn't even picked up, that's how great he is.

George Shinn go to hell

Nice trade for the Suns. JJ will fit in well for Phoenix.

I thought Lampe was supposed to be good?

man jim jackson is a looser

I think he's a skilled player myself.

The rockets really dropped the ball by trading Jackson for Wesley.

Liyon is correct, Untappable is retarded.

If they don't move Joe J for a big, I have to wonder how much this helps. A backup for 2/3 wasn't a big deal with Marion doing 3 while the Suns go big with Hunter, and Barbosa running a little at the 2. I guess it'll help in having Jackson to close games instead of Richardson, because I wouldn't count on that guy too much.