Jim Jordan asks Pelosi


I’d pay money to watch him double leg Polosi!


I’m not a fan of politicians on either side of the aisle. But, he’s spot on.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are extremely partisan, corrupt at times & have zero interest in tackling real issues. Tackling Real issues require effort, planning, cooperation and showing results.

It’s why the whole “white supremacy being the biggest threat facing the U.S.” is such a great narrative. It’s barely a blip on the radar and there’s no need to show results. On the other hand, showing head way on the border crisis, violent crime, inflation etc presents problems and requires actual proof of progress.

Real issues are a nightmares for politicians and they have no interest in honestly addressing such issues.


Also add climate change and systemic racism to the list of government distractions


can someone please do the world a favor.

Toughest man in politics! The left is a collective group of pussies!


Google owns JJs ass. He’ll do nothing.

I own your ass bitch, fucking pussy!


Might as well put him in charge of investigating sexual abuse against his team. He’ll just look the other way again

Right move by Pelosi

They are also fighting over Republicans on the Jan 6 commission

Thank goodness there’s such a rational bipartisan congressman like Jordan to take the high ground on playing politics. Lol

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Lol yeah just have a bunch of dems fabricating evidence like their last major investigation


More proof it’s just going to be nothing more than. Partisan shit show by denying Republicans.

Already said they are going to investigate trump again

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“After we rearranged the pieces on this Lego Taj Mahal… we’ve found that every single Trump voter caused this insurrection”

Exactly. Because they have no answers. They are politicians. Professional bullshitters. Their sole purpose is to stay in office their whole lives and grift to enrich themselves and their families.