Jim Lampley

As everyone knows he is alwyas bad mouthing mma.

Well it appears here is why, he prefers intergender street fights.

Jim Lampley Arrested for Domestic Abuse
Posted Jan 3rd 2007 11:25PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Celebrity Justice, TV

TMZ has learned that veteran sportscaster Jim Lampley was arrested this evening outside of San Diego, CA on felony charges of domestic abuse.

Police tell TMZ that Lampley, probably best known for his work on HBO boxing, posted his $35,000 bail and is awaiting his release from the Vista Jail in San Diego. He faces one felony count of domestic abuse / corporal injury, as well as two misdemeanor counts of violating a restraining order and preventing a witness from testifying.

Sources say that because of previous complaints, Lampley was arrested by an investigative team at his girlfriend's home in Encinitas, CA.

Lampley was once married to anchorwoman Bree Walker.



How did Howard Lederman score the fight?

Ultimate Fighting is barbaric imo.

leave poor Jimbo alone...this is a tragedy anyway you look at it. Jim had everything and now he stands to lose it all. Sad.

Did the Police Report actually state that he was in a state of full arousel when arrested ?

Sporting a boner ? What exactly does that mean in this instance ?

And that's why he only marries women with no hands!

"How did Howard Lederman score the fight?"


Well, Jim...

"leave poor Jimbo alone...this is a tragedy anyway you look at it."

It's a tragedy when someone violates an order of protection and beats a woman up?

Gee, and here I thought it was a crime.

Poor Jim. Oh, poor poor Jim.

I can't believe beating your girlfriend is sanctioned is California. Where's John McCain when you need him?

Lampley by "lobster claw" choke...learned from his ex-wife.

I'm tired of seeing his stupid ass smile when he isn't the one talking..... I guess I won't have to anymore hopefully. SEE YA!

You know what's great? I hear this on Jim Rome at work and I know that I don't even have to make a new thread when I come home for lunch. I knew you guys would take care of it. Doing great work here.

Maybe they should lock him in jail for a year with a professor who thinks the milennium started 2000 and not 2001. If you know Jim Lampley, you'll understand.

Grittys - I was listening to Jim Rome too. I'm laughing my ass off at the emailers saying, "We may not have good grammar, but we don't beat our girlfriends".

"How did Howard Lederman score the fight?"

great line

Good one secondbase


"How did Howard Lederman score the fight?"

Post of the day.