Jim Lee says, no reboot for DC


DC's publisher/chief creative officer Jim Lee says If you're looking forward to DC's 5G initiative, it's "not going to happen" and that some of the reports online have been "wrong" speculation.
As revealed in a prerecorded 'Jim Lee answers fan questions about comic books' video which debuted during September 12's DC FanDome: Welcome to the Multiverse, Lee shoots down the widespread 5G rumors and instead paints a more "organic" and individualized approach to bolstering the DC comics line in 2021.
"There won't be a project called '5G', or a big reboot, or whatever," Lee says. "We really want to focus on individual titles, and organically build up individual characters over the course of the next year."
"We had a lot of great ideas that we were floating around," Lee explains. "And rather than dumping it all in one month and renumbering the line and going for that really short term spike in sales, we just naturally gravitated to the story ideas and concepts we love and building them into the mythology, the ongoing mythology, in a very organic way."
Lee doesn't mince words about the concept of a '5G' story or reboot, flat-out shooting down the idea entirely.
"If you're waiting for '5G,' you're going to have to wait for a long time because it's not going to happen," he continues. "But if you're waiting for big developments in the DC Universe … Pretty big ones in 2021 across the board, but again it's spread out and approached organically when it makes sense within a particular title so not everything has to tie into a big epic event all at once."
The best place to begin speculating what 2021 would hold for DC is by looking at what DC has planned leading up to it. Check out the DC December 2020 solicitations, which includes a few January 2021 titles.

At this point does it matter? Sinking ship, deck chairs re-arranging is a moot point.

They’ll need one once Waid and Mags Vissagio are done.

Death metal is supposedly going to be the reboot going forward. It's a crazy, fun story.  Although it's not the best 

Saw a video where they discussed how DC is bringing back employees who pissed off fans and drove away customers. They don’t care about the product and are just going to push their agendas until the industry is dead.

I used to buy 20 to 30 comics a week. This week was 3. Last week was 0.