Jim Miller wins IFL debut


Round 1 (Images)

Palaszewski looks to jab from the outside to start this one. Miller exchanges punches with him briefly and then shoots for the single leg and trips Palaszewski to the mat. Miller moves from half-guard to side control and locks up a dars choke. It looks tight, but Palaszewski hangs on and eventually reverses the position before the two get back to their feet.

They clinch against the ropes and Miller gets another takedown. He lands some good punches from the top position as the round comes to a close.

Round 2

Miller shoots for a single leg and Palaszewski sprawls, but through sheer determination Miller eventually gets him to his back. Miller looks for another dars, this time rolling with it into the mount, but Palaszewski will not stay put and manages to reverse the position.

After getting back to their feet, the two exchange punches on their feet before Miller trips Palaszewski to the mat just before the bell.

Round 3

Miller presses Palaszewski against the ropes but can’t keep him there, deciding instead to jump for his back. Palaszewski tries to roll him over but can’t shake Miller, who now has both hooks in. Miller looks for a rear naked choke, once coming very close, but Palaszewski escapes and gets back to his feet.

They end the fight battling it out on the feet again, with neither man getting a clear edge.

Jim Miller defeats Bart Palaszewski via unanimous decision.

is tjmitch living vicariously through young miller

lol...just glad to see a guys hard work pay off. And I am only about 2 weeks out from getting back to training, so who knows, if someone puts on a show with guys over 40 with full time IT jobs, I might make my debut!

crooklyn is correct!

miller owned bartimus all three rounds. credit goes to palaszewski for having a ton of heart and surviving, but it was all miller, all day.

very impressive victory, but props to bart for getting out of 2x anaconda chokes and a wicked looking RNC.



Congrats to Jim. Great win.

 A masterful performance by Miller.


Jimmy is one of the most up and coming's from the area. He dominated the entire fight.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO don't notice, Jimmies cardio is soo sick, that he never sits down between rounds. He's been doing this since his career started, actually since he fought Mushin since no one else got to the second round-


Miller is the man.

Congrats on the huge win and surviving training with tjmitch and MRBIG1!

That's a huge win over Bartimus...

 Bart had some great submission defense and gutted out some deep chokes.

And he was going for broke on the feet at the end, he didnt by any means accept the defeat.

"Congrats on the huge win and surviving training with tjmitch and MRBIG1"

My contributions to training are limited to comedic relief and pancake consumption.

Congratulations to Jimmy!!!

He looked great & dominated all 3 rounds. Good job to Bart P. for fighting out of some VERY deep submissions...

Mike Constantino


And a TTT for conmann22, the mastermind behind AMA

 ttt 4 miller


 Jim Miller congrats