Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart needs to lose weight

Neidhart's gut is huge and he looks terribly out of shape. He needs to lose about 50 lbs and perhaps get back on the roids? (hint hint wink wink) Why is TNA bringing him in? He hasn't been popular since the mid 1990s! It's sad to see Neidhart, so old, fat and out of shape wrestling in the indies. WWE should bring him in and make him a manager for his daughter, Nattie, and the Hart dynasty.


 his daughter is chunky and funky

Nattie has "ghetto booty" with alot of of "junk in the trunk." Great ass! You don't see alot of white girls built like that.

Does Anvil wrestle in the indies? I figured last night was just a one-time shot for the Lethal gimmick.

And him going over Lethal surprised me, too...

Get used to it with Hogan at the helm.

TNA totally destroyed the push of Black Machismo Jay Lethal by having him lose to the Anvil Neidhart. Why would they do that to a young, rising with solid in-ring ability and great mic skills? I guess Neidhart is going to be a permanent part of TNA from now on? Nice job Vince Russo/Dixie Carter! Welcome to WCW! Oh sorry, I meant TNA!

Because that is sports entertainment. Stupid shit like this that makes no sense from a wrestling perspective.

SE angles don't make sense. It's like mid 90's wwf or the past couple years of raw. it's the throw an infinite # of monkeys in a room with the same amount of typewriters and take what we get.

Of course I believe RAW has improved in the past few weeks, and that is because they looked at why TNA's procuct jumped so far ahead quality wise. Push the young stars with tv time and story lines.

The RAW has started doing it and TNA will now go another direction. The Miz, Kingston, Swagger, tag team resurgence.

TNA will now be mid 90's wwe, or the tail end of wcw.

 One of my fav tag teams, and during the Hart Foundation/ Canada vs SCSA/ USA feud, it was great.  Jim didn't really contribute there, but he was necessary!  HART FOUNRDATION 4 LIFE!!!!