Jimmo to UFC

How come no Jimmo talk? How do you think he will fair against the UFC's Light Heavyweight division??

We threw together an article if you want to have a read... http://www.mmasucka.com/news/mfc-light-heavyweight-champ-ryan-jimmo-takes-karlos-vemola-ufc-fx-1/ Phone Post

Im guessing because he is fairly boring to watch. Ive changed the channel after a couple of rounds of that guy more than once.

with this win streak, he has certainly earned his way to the UFC.

He had some questionable decisions go his way in his last few fights, but with a win streak like that he definitely earned a shot.

If he fights like he has in his past several title defenses he'll be cut after his first loss IMO, That boring style is super hard to watch.

Good opponent in his first fight style wise, super aggressive Vermola should force Jimmo to fight (which may be to his benefit) Phone Post

Congrats to Ryan 16 in a row is kick ass!

Big finish Jan 20th man.

Go get him.

I just watched Jimmo wrestle at the University of Saskatchewan wrestling tournament this past weekend. Seems like a good enough guy.

16 wins in a row to me means he needs a step up in competition, he is obviously doing something right.

Jimmo's a beast!

The way he has dedicated himself to wrestling is most impressive. It used to be his weakest attribute. I used to train with him a bit and I would take him down sometimes - and I'm a pudgy office worker.

Now it's arguably one of his best attributes.

Just goes to show what a talented athlete with dedication and a good work ethic can do.

Good for Jimmo.

I will never let him live down the one time I wristlocked him. I hope he becomes UFC champ so I can brag that up.

Deserves to be in the UFC 100%. How many guys u know have a winning streak like that?

Boring? I say effective and efficient. Phone Post

What are Mr. Pavelich's thoughts on the matter?

what questionable decisions has he gotten lately?

I gave him the Sokoudjou fight, and he clearly beat Cummings and Gouveia.