Jimmy Fallon Cancelled Over Blackface

Jimmy Fallon is facing backlash after a 20-year-old video of him in blackface portraying Chris Rock on “Saturday Night Live” resurfaced online.

The hashtag #jimmyfallonisoverparty began trending early Tuesday with Twitter users calling out the “Tonight Show” host for the “racist” skit, which first aired in 2000 and also features “SNL” alum Darrell Hammond. In the comedic sketch, Fallon does an impersonation of Rock while wearing full blackface to appear like the former cast member who was on “SNL” from 1990-1993.

Fallon has yet to respond to the criticism, and NBC did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment. Rock was also not immediately available for comment when contacted by Variety.

The clip began to resurface late Monday night when a tweet by the user @chefboyohdear stated, “NBC fired Megyn Kelly for mentioning blackface. Jimmy Fallon performed on NBC in blackface.” The video has over 900,000 views on Twitter, and includes the hashtag #jimmyfallonisoverparty.

Kelly, the former Fox News anchor, had a tumultuous run at NBC where she hosted her own hour of the “Today” show on a $69 million contract, which quickly went downhill and ended with her departure from the network after she faced severe criticism for a conversation about wearing blackface on Halloween. The network publicly condemned Kelly for the controversy, and cancelled her show, “Megyn Kelly Today,” in fall of 2018. After an aggressive legal battle, Kelly and NBC reached an exit agreement in early 2019, and since, she has voiced her opinions against political correctness and “cancel culture.”

At the time of the Kelly debacle, social media users called out Fallon’s use of blackface on “SNL” and also brought up a 2000 episode from “The Man Show” where Jimmy Kimmel was wearing blackface. Sarah Silverman is another comedian who faced repercussions for wearing blackface during a comedy bit — the comedian revealed she was fired from a movie after a photo from a 2007 episode of “The Sarah Silverman Show” resurfaced, in which she was wearing blackface while playing a character.

Although this is not the first time Fallon’s “SNL” clip has resurfaced, the recent backlash highlights the volatility of social media, proving that public figures never know when something from their past may catch fire.

Fallon isn’t the only public figure who has been subject to intense scrutiny over resurfaced clips lately. Tyra Banks was skewered for her commentary on “America’s Next Top Model” from the early 2000s, as the show has gained popularity among viewers who are binging the reality competition show while quarantined at home.




I think they should all follow their own despicable purity tests and resign without pay.

Matt Serra


Cancel culture is bullshit, no matter who it’s intended target it is. 


it’s beyond nonsense…



I don’t watch, but I don’t think he’s as much of a blowhard as Kimmel or Colbert. He probably doesn’t need to brought down to his knees over this.


I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He is as big a hypocrite as Howard Stern, however if they're talking about the basketball player picture above, that is not blackface. Compare it to Sara Silverman's pic. That is blackface. Blackface has a history of racism. Darkening your skin to look like who you're portraying doesn't. 


I like Jommy Fallon, or used to…

I don't care who did what, but canceling for shit that happen when society wasn't full of fuck nuts is retarded. 

You can't just go back into the past and get fucking offended. It doesn't work like that... 

Imagine, 15-20 years from now people getting fired because they made a joke about something that is kinda taboo now but people don't rage about. 


Good to see you back Cami.

Billco -

Cancel culture is bullshit, no matter who it’s intended target it is. 


it’s beyond nonsense…

I used to think this is true.

I no longer do, because this isnt anything based on real harm, but a game played by idiots with a deep lust to control other people.  The folks being targeted are part of that group.

I am now fine with those who facilitate this sort of nonsense ending up the target.  If it were other people I'd protest,  but its not.


That Karl Malone bit he used to do was funny as hell.

"Karl Malone says, make the last wipe a wet one"


It’ll be funny when Chris tells everyone to shut the fuck up because it was a joke

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supersonic - Good to see you back Cami.

Thanks brother. Health is good. Been binging the show Billions with the wife. Great show.

SpunQ -


Get rid of them all.

If Jimmy had waxed his eyebrows he could have passed as Eddie Alvarez

I can't wait for the crying...groveling apology...i predict it will be beyond pathetic and it will be hilarious!


We are on our way back towards having obsenity laws....

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