Jimmy Hart interview

Courtesy of wrestlingdotcom.

"The interview began with talk of the deal with Fox Sports Net and the impact it will have. Jimmy talked about the mixture of young wrestlers and established stars. Jimmy said that the weekly pay per views will continue on Wednesday nights, and then on Thursdays they will tape at Universal Studios.

Jimmy was asked about the taping of WCW at Universal Studios in the past, and the influence he had with the TNA deal. Jimmy said that Universal was very receptive to bringing back wrestling, and he felt that it was a no-brainer to bring TNA to Universal. Jimmy feels that it is necessary to have TNA sign the talent so they will not suffer the same fate as the XWF. Jimmy did thank Vince for leaving the wrestling ring from the XWF since he took about everything else.

The show will be fan friendly, and will include autograph sessions. Eventually, it might be an attraction at Universal that people can see behind the scenes. The combination of Universal and Fox Sports Net will make sure that this works, including appearances on Fox Sports Net programming.

Jimmy said that he will do whatever the company wants, including helping with the publicity to get the product out for NWA:TNA Impact. The show will have fewer things going on in the back, and more action in the ring. With the new program, more people will be able to see superstars like A.J. Styles.

Jimmy mentioned that there are talks with AAA and the Japanese promotions to bring in wrestlers. Jimmy talked about how he worked with Jerry Jarrett before going to New York. Jimmy mentioned that Jerry was involved with WCW during its hey day.

Jimmy was asked if he will be at ringside with the megaphone to manage, and he said that he has the megaphones at home and the jackets are in the closet ready to be used again. Right now, he will be focusing on the promotion of the company.

Jimmy was asked about a friend of his who lives down the road from Orlando, and he said that they are close to Tampa so there might be a 'red and yellow' sighting in the future. Jimmy also talked about the angle that was filmed previously with Jeff and Hogan. Jimmy said that some of the biggest names in wrestling have been calling the offices of TNA to appear for the company, including the Ultimate Warrior.

The first show will be taped on June 3rd, and will air on the 4th at 3:00 p.m., but didn't want to say too much because he was afraid that Jeff Jarrett would hit him with the guitar. The company will be doing a lot of things around Orlando to make it fan friendly."

First off,I think the idea of bringing in wrestlers from other countries is a cool and it would be cool to see this again on a mainstream wrestling show.

But I do not care to see the Ultimate Warrior at all.

ttt for Jimmy