Jimmy Pedro article

Article on Jimmy Pedro in Boston Herald:

Boston Herald
Pedro goes fourth: Local judo star chases elusive Olympic gold
By Stephen Harris
Thursday, June 24, 2004



Pedro, who will compete in the 73-kilogram class, will not be the first player in his sport (yes, they do call judo athletes players) to attempt an Olympic comeback. But after missing more than two years, he may the first with a legitimate shot at a gold medal.

``I knew when I won the Korean Open in November of 2003 that this comeback was legit and I could do it in Athens,'' he said. ``I beat the Korean who beat me in Sydney and I also beat the 2003 world champion from Korea in his hometown. That's when I said, `This isn't just a comeback -- it's a legitimate shot at doing something big.'

``This is not just another guy going through the motions who can't let go. It's actually somebody who is physically ready to take a legitimate shot at it. To still be able to win after taking two years off tells me that at one point I must have been the best and that I can still be successful.

``I have as good a chance as anybody in my weight class to win. I have the experience, the technique, the background. I'm physically fit, mentally prepared and able to do it. Am I going to come out and say I'm going to win gold? No. Can I do it? Yes. It's one of those things where you have to be good that day. I was the best in the world in 1999 and probably the best athlete on the mat in 2000. But I didn't win gold.

``It just a matter of putting it together that day.''


Although I know very little about Judo, I have come to the conclusion that Pedro is a bad ass.

Cool thanks.


People talk about his ne waza a lot.

After watching him randori at a clinic, I can say his standup style is very smooth and subtle. He truly is a Judo technician par excelance.

Ben R.

I agree with you Ben. He could not be playing at the level that he plays at unless he had a well around game. Top, Middle, and Bottom.