Jimmy Smith Explains Why Signing With WWE Over UFC Is More Beneficial

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Former UFC and Bellator commentator, and current WWE commentator, Jimmy Smith, believes there are way more benefits to signing with WWE over the UFC.

Smith recently took to his podcast, “Unlocking The Cage,” and touched on the potential decision between choosing between WWE and the UFC.

The former mixed martial arts (MMA) commentator explained why WWE is a much better avenue for talents to pursue.

“The UFC can only go, ‘Here’s three fights.’ If you lose, that’s all over. Once Vince says, ‘You’re our guy. Here you go.’

“First of all, that first contract is going to be worth a lot more money than the UFC’s contract,” Smith said (via SEScoops ) . “Number two, Vince McMahon, because of his faith in you or whatever it is, can give you all the opportunity in the world to fulfill that destiny.

Dana White in UFC, because of the nature of it not being predetermined, can’t do that. I would sign with WWE.”

Smith served as a staple in the Bellator MMA commentary team from 2010 to 2017. He then signed with the UFC in January of 2018. His contract with the promotion was not renewed the following year.

In May of 2021, Smith made the jump to professional wrestling, inking a deal with WWE. He currently serves as one-third of the Monday Night RAW commentary team doing play-by-play announcing.

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He commented with the UFC??

Fight Nights ?

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Who is that tall fuck on the red carpet?


He got laid off from the the UFC cos they already had a stocky ,bald white guy and is still a bit bitter about it


a current wwe commentator publically kissing vince’s ass?? i’m shocked

wwe has been ruthless lately in cutting people and may be moving to 90 day contract periods soon. they will be worse than the ufc in that regard and may have also made fewer stars in the past decade


Apples and trailer park theatre. You might as well say I’d choose Hollywood.

He said he was let go because they told him he’s not a former ufc fighter and they were in the process of bringing on more fighter commentators. I’d say they made the right call by going with DC, Bisping, Hardy Felder, and Cruz instead of Rogan-lite.

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Yea except WWE is fake nonsense for preteens and MMA is a real sport for adults.

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Agreed. Yet, WWE is much more popular world wide.

Sparkuri next to me in back.

Same night.

Popular with dickies morons.

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Fair enough if he prefers money over respect, not everyone does. Top level martial artists get respect, WWE Wrestlers get the piss ripped out of them by 99% of the adult population