Jimy Hettes represents the next, great generation

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                                Jimy Hettes represents the next, great generation

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                    <p>I have seen a lot of fighters really early in their career.</p>

I judged Tim Sylvia's first fight. At first he thought his opponent was me. I was glad I wasn't - the opponent ended up in the ambulance with foam coming out of his mouth, and that was with palm strikes only.

I trained with Mike Brown before he ever fought. We touched hands standing, he heel hooked me.

I saw Jon Jones fifth fight. Actually, I missed it, as I looked down, more less.

When you see the ones who are going to be great, you know. I got that feeling Saturday night, but it wasn't an obscure fight in some obscure arena in some obscure place, it was on the main card of UFC 141 in Las Vegas, when Jimy Hettes dominated Nam Phan for three rounds, including two 10-8 rounds on two judges score cards.

I think the undefeated Jimy Hettes is going to great.

It was not his technique that most impressed, although his jiu-jitsu, his striking, and his wrestling all looked nasty. Hettes is at home in the cage - his composure appeared perfect, his nerves taking him exactly where he needs to be

UFC President Dana White noticed Hettes too, as related by MMAJunkie.com. "I'm going to be honest with you," said White after UFC 141. "Tonight is the first night I really noticed this kid. It's pretty awesome to see a jiu-jitsu kid who punches and when something doesn't work, he moves somewhere else.

"You guys have heard me talk a lot about the new breed that's coming up and how they train differently. There you go. He's one of them. That kid is nasty. I love watching him fight."

A lot of extraordinarily talent fighters end up being their worst enemy. That does not appear to be the case with the calm, confident Hettes. "A lot of the stuff online was, 'Why does that kid with no muscle mass get to be on TV?'" Hettes told MMAjunkie.com after the event.

"A lot of people have negativity. I just like to be around positive people, and luckily, the people I surround myself know what I'm capable of. There was never any doubt I belonged [in the UFC]. I just had to show up to fight."

"It's a real surreal experience. I got to be in the same locker room as great fighters. I got to look over and see Alistair Overeem hitting pads, and I got a bear hug from Tito Ortiz after I won. Little things like that make you appreciate the hard work. It's what motivates me to get up even earlier for the next fight and train even harder."

"I was giving him all I could," he said of Phan. "All that went through my head was watching Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin's fight, and the last thing I wanted to do was gas out and have Nam get top position or possibly end the fight

"I knew I was trying and going forward, but at the same time, I wanted to leave a little something in the gas tank."

Hettes did just that, and more. Only time will tell if he becomes world champion, but he has already done something great - Jimy Hettes epitomizes what is coming next.

It is going to be great.

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Awesome article. I completely agree. For a purple belt in BJJ, he absolutely clowned a legit black belt in Nam Phan on the ground. He displayed immpecable Judo and he used that to completely control the fight from start to finish. His ground and pound was vicious, it looked like he could perform like that for 10 rounds let alone 3.

Jimmy Hettes put on a perfect performance on Saturday, this was the first fight he has ever had that he hasnt won by submission. He tried several times for chokes and other subs but props to Nam for defending them. Im actually glad he didnt win by submission, it gave everyone a chance to see that he is not just a one dimensional fighter and that he can impose his will on you whenever and however he wants. I would have loved to see him get the KO or a TKO but Nam is a tough guy with a lot of heart.

I can guarantee that within 2 years, Jimmy Hettes will be a UFC champion. If he keeps performing the way he did on Saturday then there should be a lot of scared 145ers in the UFC. Phone Post

Joe Rogan mentioned it in the broadcast but his accuracy in the GNP was sick... big fan. would love to see him and Michael Mcdonald fight in the future maybe at 145 or at a catchweight.


I was also very impressed by that kid.

I picked Pham in this fight bc I had never seen this kid before. From the get go I knew my pick was bad. His confidence showed immediately, and from every position was looking to finish. I felt bad for Pham. Phone Post

 That kid's a scary motherfucker. I picked him to win over Phan but did NOT expect that level of dominance.

I've never seen somebody with such machine gun-like GnP that was actually LANDING every single shot.

My gawd those sweeps and throws. Phone Post

I was utterly impressed by this guy.....I know that Nam is not 'great' in one area of the fighting game as he, himself, is pretty well rounded.....but Jimy showed that he was also very well rounded and very impressive

Fraser_Finlay - I can guarantee that within 2 years, Jimmy Hettes will be a UFC champion.

screenname bet? To be paid up on in 2 years from today or when Hettes wins a belt? haha.

I'm just not sold yet. That was an ass whoopin he delivered, I just think theres guys in the division that won't look so listless in bad positions, guys with better footwork, better td defense, ahead of him that it will a very tough road for him. He seemed to be using his hands only to get inside and grab ahold of Nam, I just dont think theres a bunch of other dudes that will work on as effectively. Could be wrong, excited for his next fight though for sure.

Gotta love this kid. He was so into the fight that he didn't even realize how badly he dominated Phan. Now that's putting 100% into it. Relentless.

Fuckin made a thread JUST like this right after the fight... Phone Post

Best judo in MMA possibly since Karo.

And its not just the throws but the basic sweeps like the kouchi-gari (opposite side inner sweep).

He's awesome, no doubt. But the next gen of mma? Come on now. Phone Post

Excellent control on that throw.

Karo was a beast, but he lost position too often with his throws.

Fraser_Finlay -  I can guarantee that within 2 years, Jimmy Hettes will be a UFC champion. If he keeps performing the way he did on Saturday then there should be a lot of scared 145ers in the UFC. Phone Post
I guarantee you if his striking (defense) doesn't improve he will get KTFO by a striker who is difficult to take down..... there were some holes, but his takedown skills covered them up.


Yep Jimy hettes the nerdy looking kid is a bad ass. Put a beating on Nam. Do agree he may have some problems with good strikers who have better take down defense and grappling then Nam. Kid was relentless though never let up amazing transitions.

Agree 100% about lack of striking defense. I was super impressed at how he dominated, but it was Nam Phan, don't forget.

He will be a good fighter, but he seems to lack power and athleticism. His skills will surely improve, but I don't see him ever being more than a fighter that will trounce lesser competition, yet get bullied against the true athletic submission/wrestling types.

Throw him to the sharks, Sean Sherk would be a stiff test to gauge where he's truly at. Phone Post

Maybe Nam was sick and not on the top of his game.

 Really impressive performance. He's got a really fan friendly grappling style and skillset and he's with a great camp. Hopefully his striking can come up a little. Should be an interesting ride