Jinx vs. EvilYoshida

give us your pics boys, I'm bleeding money right now.

yo. what are your positions?

just got out of JASO - didn't lose too much

have a trailing stop on CAK at 1.5%, there is not any good news

I was thinking of BAC to put this money in but I am thinking american banks are a bad investment right now

I plan on reinvesting this money into a solid company thats at a low, no more penny stocks

waiting for HAFC to pop or crash soon it was ugly until today

Wow. I am going to hold jaso for another 7-8 months to avoid short term taxes.

I would stay out of financials, esp. with the situation in europe being precarious.

Good luck bro.

I am short Amazon from 203

and short DYY from 11

still holding jaso at 6.50 avg. price.

I got out of JASO and CAK lost about $65 total I think I made the right move nothing but bad news on CAK, I kept getting in at the wrong time on JASO

65 aint' that bad lol.

What I have been doing is shorting every 2 day pop. works pretty well.

what strategies are you using?

Moving average crossover or chart patterns?

yeah I know, its nothing

my strategy - I thought I was buying low!


really just looking at chart patterns, CAK was bad advice from a family member, I want to focus on long term investments from now on

hey, if you are looking at long term why didn't you just hold jaso?

also look into the turtle trading method if you are more into long term.

try a 150,200, and 300 day crossover.

meeting a top commodity trader in an hour. Will come back with the scoop soon raleigh.

hey so how did that go?

JASO is acquiring some small company in a recent news release,

I got tired of the daily roller coaster of JASO it was jumping ranges daily it seemed. I kept getting in at what I thought were lows but it just dropped lower

This guy made about 100 million last year just trading silver and wheat.

I asked him what kind of techniques he used. he told me elliot wave, technical and macro fundamental. but he said money management is the key. Basically stuff I said on the last thread.

i asked him how he made his first pot of gold.

he told me the move from 6-8 in silver in 1987 with 10x leverage enabled him to go from 10K to 100K overnight. from then he flipped that to 7 million then eventually close to a billion.

i am trying to get him to mentor me on futures trading.

jesus. thanks for the info.

JASO might suck me back in


I am looking into water supply and utilities

I am tempted to put my cash into Veolia Environnement (VE)

oh yeah keeping my eye on exxon with the recent news.


Jaso made a nice run today. All eyes are on europe now.

What are you holding now raleigh?

Metals are looking weak as global commodity prices fall.

Who shorted the mini flash crash in JASO?

went down like 20% intraday. lol.

Proof that the hedgies can do whatever they want with this stock.

so glad im out of jaso

i picked up csco

whats a penny to gamble on? i have a snall amount of cash in my account id rather get into something