Jireh Cycles Fight Series Apr 25th

Looking for am 155lbs 1 or 2 fights or 1st timer

I know a 155lber Amatuer but he has like 5 fights.He is fighting tomorrow night but he is nutty like that and would probably fight next week too.

gotta name?

Lord H u comin to the show?

James are you talking about Zaricor

Jon just had a guy back out on me! @155

JSMHP-Yeah it's Mike Zaricor..He is fighting in Devastation in Cape tomorrow night against Brandon Sisco who he has beat twice already....He hasn't been training in awhile though.

13Pitbulls-Mike is a good Wrestler and a scrappy guy.I can get u in contact if u want.

13Pitbulls- I was gonna go but my training partner Eric Irvins fighter pulled out so not sure.How many tickets are left?