Jiri Hudler, wow!

Damn that was a fine goal.Looks like Detroit has yet another potential superstar in the "wings" (ooh a pun!)

**edit** clip removed

Takes a min or two to load but it works eventually.Worth the wait too.

He's still a little small. And sometimes, he forgets that there are 2 sides of the redline.

The buzz lately has been about a big d-man on the Canadian junior team. Plays like Hatcher or Pronger, but can skate. He and his partner roughed uo the Finns pretty good and didn't let them get off many shots on Fluery. His name escapes me at the moment.


"He's still a little small. And sometimes, he forgets that there are 2 sides of the redline"

Datsyuksayswhat? ;-)

He sure seems to have some talent anyways.Some guys tend to disappear on the world stage, but at any rate Ukraine or not that was a great goal.

Datsyuk has been killing penalties with some frequency lately. That's pretty impressive, considering you are competing for time with 2 of the best PK guys in the league, Draper and Maltby.

He's improved his d alot.


He's +7 right now.


Notice with Zetterberg back Pavel hasn't been lighting it up as much either, he'd better get good at the PK i s'pose just to get some ice time ;-)

Oh and also, Naslund & Bertuzzi = +21 each now :)

Datsyuk is set to be a star though, can't deny the kid has scary talent.

Well if you hadn't passed out like the lightweight you are, you coulda seen the clip like everyone else.What do you think i'm putting these up here for all of time? Get back to your Aves cheering and leave the real men to it.

Should i roll over and wake you first?