Jitti Gym Bangkok, Thailand

I'm planning on checking out Jitti Gym(http://www.jittigym.com/) while I'm in Bangkok. Has anyone trained there before??? There are lliterally hundreds of gyms to choose from. I'm also gonna spend a few days at Enson and Santien Noi's place too.

Jitti Gym is close to where I will be staying. It'd be nice to have a good place train close by(hopefully with guys my size... I know thats hard to find in Thai tho...)

The Bad Company guys train there regularly and swear by it. My team we'll go there next trip too based on speaking with them about it. It shouldn't be a problem according to them to get in, but may be slow the first couple days until they size you up and assess fitness, power, speed to pair with a trainer.

Coo. Thanks. Lookin forward to training there. What about the surroundings? Good area?

does Adam Kayoom still train there? hes a bjj brown belt (got his purple from mario sperry). last i saw him was over a yr ago. he`d just had his first fight at Rajadamnoen stadium. according to the website hes now ranked #10! thats awesome.

get ready for a hard workwork. he mentioned that the camp really focuses on fitness.

I havent met Adam yet. Looking forward to meeting and training with him when I'm there.

Its near the backpacker district but its a good gym. They might not notice you early because they see a lot of tourists but once you show you have some skills then they will take care of you. Mr Jitti also has the connections for some good fights if you want to compete.

BTW if you have a few days to spare i recommend Ole Laursens Legacy Gym in Ubon. You will get away from the tourist mess thats called Bangkok and experience a bit of real thailand. He also has a cage and some good trainers. He has a former WBC nr 1 ranked philipino boxer teaching aswell as a few BJJ/MMA guys.

What are the dates or timeframe when you will be in Bangkok?

Thanks. How far out is Ubon from BKK?

I'll be in there Sept. 28th to Oct. 6th.

Then again possibly from around Nov. 15th to Dec. 15th.

"Thanks. How far out is Ubon from BKK? "

Very far. But if you use one of the low cost Thai airlines it's pretty cheap.

Air Asia

Dunno if I can make it out there. Gotta be in bkk cause my wife will be
studying massage.

Ubon is pretty far from Bangkok. When you do have the time please try to visit. They are trying to put together an MMA team there and someone of your caliber and experience would be awesome. Im also pretty sure that you wont be paying for anything. Ole usually lets the MMA guys just teach and in return live and train there

Diego stole my name, you're confusing Jitti's gym with Sor Vorapin. Jitti used to be located near Khaosan road, but now it's quite a ride from the backpacker's area (in the Dindaeng area). Instead you'll find Sor Vorapin gym 1 (http://thaiboxings.com/text_gym_1.html) where Jitti used to be, plus they have another gym that I hear kicks ass!


Last time i trained at Jittis (wich admittedly was a long time ago) it was near Khaosan road. Didnt know they moved but thx for the correction mate

I trainned at Jittis a while ago (like 8 years) and can't say I had the best experience. Basically I felt that the foreigners were treated as tourists just there to spend money no one really cared if you wanted to be a good fighter. If you did want to fight you could be thrown in the ring way too soon. Remember this is just my opinion and it is from 8 years ago.

Thx Marc. How u been? When Im in BKK Im gonna try a few dif places out.
Jitti is really well located.