Jiu Jitsu BB in BIg Brother

WTF. THis has got to be bullshit

And his name would be...


Cant remember HER name.

Im only going by what she said in her video when being introduced and that was answering yes to the question "And you also have a black belt in jiu jitsu."

I told the people i was watching it with that it was bullshit. Shes only just turned 19 and shes from perth so i know its bullshit, unless she means japanese jiu jitsu.

im looking at the big brother site now to try and find her name. i will post when i find it

i'd put money on JJJ shazzie

Terri. Doesnt give a last name

it was japanese jiu jitsu...
relax guys
she started talkin a bit of jap after she was asked about jiu jitsu


assclowns she means real JJ ;)


I like her already!



ps. (I typed 'he' instead of 'her' the first time! - oops :)

Maybe you'll see some of this action in the BB house.


Probably not a work-safe link

Just upping my post count with another double-post