Jiu Jitsu camp Aug.14th

So far on this one day camp we have Joe Moreira,Rey Diogo and myself doing with gi ,no-gi will be Chris Brennan,Ricardo"Hellraiser"Teaxira and another to be name later,cost will be $75,you will get a DVD with all the moves,done by the great people at Grapple tv.After the seminar you can stay for a little fight action.More info. to come.

1407 n.El Camio Real,San Clemente


What made you cut it down from several days to only 1 day?

Mike,I was at the first one,I lasted two days,could not remember most of all showen.Talk with a friend of my husband that went last year,he said after Friday and Saturday that all was a haze,he had no more memory left in his brain.Good of Randy to give a dvd with this seminar.

Mike,it seems that everyone has lost focus after the second day,will see how it go's this time,alot of info gets past on,even myself,Im soooo exhausted it takes me a couple of days to regroup.

Hi Gina,are you guys going to make it ?

Very true. With so much information, most people can't remember much after the first couple instructors anyway.

Thats why you get a DVD of all the moves from this seminar.