Jiu-jitsu: Chewbaca

 I keep hearing this term in class and was wondering why it's called the chewbaca?  It's when you have someone's back and you have an over under grip across the guy's upper body.

I think its because your arms resembles the chain type thingy that chewy wears


 Ahhh that makes sense.  Thanks Rob.

LOL I never heard this before I will call it this from now on : )


GREAT! Now i'm gonna make his fuggin noise in my head erytime i get this grip! LMAO!

In your head? Srew that, i'm going to let out a chewy yell every time I get the harness lol

we should teach it to the kids


Instead of listening for Brad kiai during matches, we'll just listen for Chewy yells across the mat... that way we'll know one of the kteam kids are on someone's back LOL!

Next Tuesday practice NC fo'sho!

PTM2020 -  http://www.realmofdarkness.net/sounds/sw/chewbacca-soundboard.htm

gotta love the web mang! that ish is hillariouz


It means go for the hairy spot.

chewbaca= Kimo Chris

Lol! When I first heard the "chewbaca" I though of Kimo too

katsumoto68 - Lol! When I first heard the "chewbaca" I though of Kimo too


*hides from Kimo

NECKCRANK808 - we should teach it to the kids

They are already making that noise. You can have my son teach it to you, he started making that awful noise a few months ago (I picked him up from class and he was doing it the whole way home). It calls for a good slap!

kteam - chewbaca= Kimo Chris

HAHAHAHAHA. Kimo, I thought you were going to start waxing, LOL

marks down who is laughing....

No need wax. Just find one girl that will shave me down. Plus I can lose like 2-3 pds after. I use that to cut weight for tournaments.

Funny part about the hair. I think everysingle girl that I been with loves it. And they all have told me that they would have never dated a hairy guy... LOL I would never date a hairy girl.... More worse hairy nipples...EEWWwww.

I thought I was Sasquatch... not chewbaca... Although they do look alike. Distant relatives.


Hides behind NC