Jiu-jitsu: Chewbaca

... I always just called it the backpack.

also heard it called "seatbelt"

this is the backpack 

^^Sad & Disbturbing bro....


Is this the Chewbacca?

(from http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/?go=forum_framed.posts&forum=2&thread=1450338&page=1&pc=14)

what great technique

LMFAO!? Long live the CHEWBACA technique!

 CPunk for the save again!

Hey is that Richard Branson?!

if so, no wonder the girl who hasn't a shirt on her back is hanging on with the chewbaca monkey death grips.

Kteam kids now call it teh CHEWBACA GRIP... Can't help but lol now when its done