Jiu Jitsu does NOT work.....

I have been studying JJ for 8+ years. Everytime I go for a move againsty my wife (i.e the pussy hold)...
she throws her nail into my skin or grabs my balls or something like that. she wins evertime.


BTW.....the pussy hold is trademarked and patent pending.

pelvic lock imo

I got a wife and 2 kids...obviously you are still a single dude...or a flaming fag..to not know the pussy hold.

real proud. fo'

they'ze got 'dem a dady....shiieet.

"i aint from africa you from africa you african booty scratcher....i from crenshaw mafia.

Sounds good.....but...what to do when the cloths are on.....

GIA, Rorion had some Hap Ki Do guy in a full Black Gi mounted, and the guy grabbed his balls a bunch of times to get out...always got choked out in the end too

Another year passed and I still can't get the pussy hold.


hmm...your wife just lets me apply the pussy hold. Try giving her $5 first; that's what I do.

Oh, BTW, say hi to my kids for me.