Jiu-Jitsu Girls

Though there are plenty of mamacitas who love jiu-jitsu guys where I train, I think it would be so damn hot having a girlfriend who loves doing jiu-jitsu. Any of you guys on here lucky enough to have a girl who also does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Feel free to comment ladies.

My wife trains with me at every class.
I also have half my basement matted where we drill.
We met on the mat three years ago.
She was one of the few females that kept showing up
night after night for her ass whoopin without bitching. She's had her patella dislocated twice and a broke rib, which held up some of her training. As soon as rehab was done she was back on the mat.
She's done some tourny's and did real well.
We never fight over what we are going to watch on t.v. She either has an abu dabi or onthemat tape rolling at all times.
She also flies out to California with me when I take privates with Mike and takes a few of her own.
She also rolls with Marco's female blue belts at Pitbull, since she only gets my crew to roll with normally.
She's also my running, biking, and lifting partner.
I'd say she's a keeper.

Something my ex should have figured out :)
Fuck wannabe ballet bitches!!!

U lucky duck. I have only gotten to the point where my gf will do drills with me, but she has no desire of taking the regular class.

ABSOLUTE JJ is a lucky guy. I am jealous.

True, he is a lucky guy. I remember this tournament I went to had some pretty nice looking girls competing. I was thinking, damn, I'd love to roll with some of these chicks.

Mine totally supports me, l can watch all the movies and instructionals l want. She will come with me anywhere. Never bitches about out training, but will only roll with me in bed. She has desire to train. I cant complain

I forgot to also say that we are having a honeymoon in Brazil. She gets 3 days down the amazon, l get 7 days to train. This was not totally her idea but she is supportive.

damn, i'm not as lucky as absolute, but i can't complain either. my wife's really in tune and supportive of my training and BJJ passion. loves to host UFC/Pride parties at our house and suggested to throw an impromptu one for Ultimate New Year's broadcast (i declined). BJJ, booze, and a broad that loves it all...life is good.

My boyfriend isn't thrilled that I train. He calls me his "little workout nazi". He's supportive of me overall, he just wishes I wasn't training so much. He doesn't do BJJ, he does Hapkido. His and hers martial arts. ;-)


"Hapkido eh?
so basically you kick his ass.....heh "

Not if she grabs his wrists.

"My wife trains with me at every class"

Hey Bruce, I didn't know you got re-married. Congratulations!


Bruce, aka ABSOLUTE JIU-JITSU, is a very lucky man indeed! i have never known a couple as well matched as he and ally, which makes her just as lucky. even my poor husband only got a couple of years of training out of me before i got sidetracked.

can't wait to have you two out here again!

rose :)

"so basically you kick his ass.....heh"

He's my honey bunny, so why would I even want to try? We've played around a little, but nothing where either of us was going seriously.

Nah, I don't want my wife world to come in contact with my BJJ/MMA world.

Got rid of mine...She just didnt understand..

Tap Me - congratulations on your purple belt!
How long have your boyfriend and you been training?

Met my girlfriend, Jessica at a seminar a few years ago...Our cool story is that Royce Gracie set us up and made her come out to see me fight that night. After she saw me in my tight fight trunks, she couldn't resist :) She started training w/ us and shotrly after we started dating. She trains almost everyday, which is obviously great, because it alows me to train alot. She competes and has even fought MMA twice. We've had some tough times over the years w/ typical BJJ "politics", and she has always been the one there for me, whether it be a training partner, someone to bitch to, or someone to corner me. Oh, yeah, and she's hot! I consider myself very lucky.

So any of your girls sporting the cauliflower ear yet?

I can't believe no one has said this but...



Bruce and Ally are two very cool people.