??? Jiu-Jitsu in Thornwood, NY

Hi guys,
I used to train in Thornwood a little over three years ago with Steve Kardian until I moved to Los Angeles. I was going to be in New York for the holidays and was wondering if the school was open during the week of the 22nd-28th and if I could pop in to train at some point. Especially if they have a no-gi day since I've been training exclusively no-gi with Eddie Bravo and haven't put on a gi in 2 years.

dude, it's kosta from the other place.

trust me, it will get answered there before here...

if you don't get an answer tomorrow on the other forum, email me kostaiga@yahoo.com , and i'll give you kardian's email address. kardian is 'Jackson' on the other forum...

Tuesday is no-gi

Wednesday is Diet Coke and Vicodin day.


Should answer your questions...

You can drop Steve an e-mail through the contact us form.