Jiu Jitsu in Thousand Oaks

It looks like I'll be moving to the area in Jan/Feb of next year. Any suggestions on good places to train?

Bas Rutten's place is over there and I've dropped in. Paragon just opened up a new gym over in Newbury Park, don't know much more than that. Also places in Simi, valley as well.

IS the new Paragon Rodrigo Antunes school? He really knows his stuff.

Bas Ruttens! Phone Post

Take a short drive out from Thousand Oaks and pop by Jean Jacques Machado's school tons of black belts on the mat all the time. Great talent always flying from all over the world to train at his school. He teaches all the classes. And really nice facility. Phone Post 3.0

Yes, Paragon Thousand Oaks is Rodrigo Antunes' school. Franjinha and Alfred Prado are teaching there all this week.