Jiu Jitsu/Judo in San Jose (AKA)

Just want to give some information about classes that I am
teaching at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose,

M/W/F am 1030-12, pm 630-830

T/Th pm 630-730, womens class (new) pm730-830

Sat am 1030-1200

All classes are taught with uniform (gi). Combines a mixture
of Jiu Jitsu, focusing on attacks, and Judo throws.
Available for privates, email MjMalloy97@hotmail.com

Gi-less training also available by appointment.

Thank you very much.
David Camarillo
Black Belt Jiu Jitsu under Ralph Gracie
Black Belt Judo Formerly ranked #2 in USA
American Kickboxing Academy www.akakickbox.com
1830 Hillsdale Ave. San Jose, Ca 95124
(408) 371 4235


Is this affiliated with Ralph Gracie?

ttt for a great class


DavidCamarillo, please post this at the judo forum also.

I think you have some friends there who will be gald to see you there.


Hi Dave: Will you be giving out belts for those worthy of promotion in bjj?



ttt for dave.


ttt for David, awesome competitor.

I dont know if you remember me, but I think you were coaches Danny Valdez at the last pan ams. I was his second opponent.

This is great news!

Now, get Ebersole in a Gi.

I do promote my own students. But it should be understood
that they are apart of the Ralph Gracie Team, as I am
currently. There is a lot of Ralph Gracie, the best Jiu Jitsu
instructor I have ever seen, in what I teach. But there is also
many of my own experiences in Judo and Jiu Jitsu mixed in
as well.

I've had the opportunity to train at and with a large number of
people now, and Ralph Gracie still is among the very best
instructors not only in jiu-jitsu, but overall. Even when his
English was more limited than it is now he had the uncanny ability
to bring focus to a group, clearly explain details, and bring out
the best in his students.

I remember when I entered Ralph's academy over seven years ago,
I literally mistook Dave (blue belt at the time) for Ralph. They had
a similar look. (I'm not sure either one would take that as a
compliment, but I'm not the first person to remark on it!)

Over those years I've seen Dave evolve from someone whom I was
more than a little bit intimidated by into a fine instructor and
person. It's this maturing process which has made him into a
phenomal instructor in his own right. Dave is an incredible
natural talent on the mat, but he's worked VERY Hard at his
teaching skills as well, so now I can see the best qualities his own
mentors (in both Jiu-Jitsu and Judo) as well as his own talents
shine through. Most important is his committment to his

At any rate, I firmly believe you can't go wrong with either Ralph
or Dave, and if you give either a try you will find a wonderful
world of opportunities and experiences opened up to you.

David Camirillo is a class act, hands down. If you are in that area definitely give David a try. I was lucky enough to train with David twice a week privately and I tell you he is on another level . Not only are his basics very solid, but his approach to the sport is unbelievable. I picked up great philosophy and a very aggresive attack and submit mentality. I think that for all of you who are eager to compete, he is definitely a step ahead of the pack with his judo skills. His combination of judo and jiu-jitsu is very lethal and if there is a downside with training with David, it is really hard to stay focused because I am trying to see what he is going to do next. The guy has moves in his arsenal that are crazy!!! I'm a firm believer in supporting someone who has done alot for our sport and I think it is time we give something back.

J. Janero

Gumby, as a Ralph student what is Ralph's view on this school? ie is it OK to go there while also going to a Ralph school?


I once met Dave. I think in Seattle when I was vacationing in 2001. He taught a special class when Sergio silva was still teaching there.