Jiu Jitsu/Judo in San Jose (AKA)

Bro, we were in Mi, for X-mas and I posted that we were coming, sorry we missed the opportunity to train with you guys. Dave should post tonight when he gets back from class, I know he aprreciates the kind words. We need to make a plan to come out soon since my family lives in Livonia.

I checked your site out today and it is awesome except for one thing. When I check out the Droogs page and go to a fighter read about him and then attempt to go back to the same page to check another bio it takes me right back to your home page. Check it out could be I am an idiot....

Hey Dave,

Welcome to the forum.


Malloy and Dave (toe tapping waiting) Blond Boc?

This Fri.

We have to look at a date to come to your class.

Dave dont even get me started about Blond Bock...

You cant handle the Bock! :)

Oh, JudoDave where you at, your girl won't let you post huh? Man up Suzie ;)

Yo dudes. If that tourney's pro division is only under
160, Xande probably won't be competing, as he's
closer to 200 than 160. Sounds like it'll be a fun
tourney, though.


(Thinking about arm locking David while drinking Malloy under the


When and if you man up enough to go out, the above post may come to true. *laughing at my whipped friend* Mikie