Jiu-Jitsu Pro Gear is a Ripoff

This is to let you know if you guys are planning on ordering any thing from Jiu-Jitsu Pro Gear,you may get ripped off like they did me.I ordered about $1700.00 for Wand koral kimonos and vulkan kimonos for my school.They never sent the merchandise and are trying to keep my money.I ordered back in early October,and as of today nothing has arrived.I asked for my credit card to be refunded,they never did.I've had to call my credit card company to begin proceedings to recover my money.They kept my money now for over three months causing me to accrue interest charges.I even sent them a fax with my order to try to get resolution to just send the damn gi's,they charged my credit card the day they received the order.Just to let everyone know so this doesn't happen to any of you.Thanks,Chet Blalock
Blackbelt Allan Goes Jiu-Jitsu


I've ordered from this site probably 20 times and never had a single problem... love the merch. Hopefully its a misunderstanding and it all gets worked out for you.

Perhaps someone signed for it and it got taken? I once had a buddy that ordered 1000's of dollars of stuff online and the UPS guy stole it. Claimed it was delievered.

Anyway while I hope you get your stuff jjprogear is probably my favorite site to order stuff from.

Wow,i am about to put together a 1500 dollar order because that is the minimum for first time wholesale accounts.


That sucks BDC but I ordered two Koral gis about a week and a half before Christmas and got them in three or four days.  I know it's nowhere near as big an order but mine came in quick.

I've always had great experiences dealing with Jiu-Jitsu Pro Gear.

I ordered a gi from them and had no problems. Was at my door in like 4 days.

I had ordered from them before as well,and got my merchandise.But this has never happened to me before.I hope that they don't screw anyone else.I am just encouraging everyone to exercise caution when ordering from Jiu-Jitsu Pro gear in the future.Thanks,
Chet Blalock

JJprogear also is a HUGE sponser of bjj players. Definitly my FAVORITE non mma.tv supporting business

TTT for Gilberto and JJ Pro Gear.

I wouldn't call Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear a dime-a-dozen gear shop...It's probably
the closest thing to a BJJ Superstore that you can find. And they have a
great reputation in the BJJ community.

Did you try to call them? You faxed...did you follow up with them? Talk to
anyone to clear it up?

I know the guys there are usually REALLY good at customer service and
are a HUGE supporter of the BJJ, grappling and MMA...so I would guess
that it's unlikely they're just trying to jack you for your credit card
number. It sounds more like there was a mistake that slipped through the
cracks....but I don't know. I would suggest calling and talking to them and
clearing it up: Toll Free: (888) 956-440

Gilberto from JJ Pro Gear has been a stand up guy from my experiences. He's a big player in the BJJ market. Hopefully this gets resolved.

I dropped the ball on this one, i did not give him the time and customer service he deserved.Every member on my staff tried to help him ,and because it was a wholesale account, and i personaly handle all the wholesale accounts , this order end up on my desk and i did not respond it in time.

Regards the money - Your payment was refund to you as soon we got notified by PayPal .I called paypal today ,as soon i've heard about this tread ,and they confirmed the refund was processed and completed on January 3rd and the funds should be in your account.Paypal also told me the process is more complex and move slow when the complain is filed thru your credit card instead directly thru paypal.

I would like to appologise to Mr.Blalock and i would like to reimburse him for the interest charges result from this transaction. If you need any assistance please contact me at 310-370-0116 or email me at staff@jiujitsuprogear.com

^ Awesome. Everyone makes errors but its good to see them rectified. I will continue to order from jjprogear.

The material on the Koral Tee/wand stuff is GREAT for the price. Real top notch!

Also Gilberto Cassio and Marcos have amazing things to say about you (Cassio told a funny story about you tricking him into a match by invoking his brazilian pride :) )

Now that's the JJPG I know and love.

By the way, I could use an 07 Koral calander.

Gilberto is a standup guy - sounds like it is getting resolved.

I respect that fully. Nice job!!

TTT for BDC!

I have ordered from them once or twice then found out I worked down the street from the store and have had nothing but a fantatstic relationship with them.

i too have ordered from there with no problems.. hope they take care of you soon!