Jiujitsu or boxing

Which do you prefere???

give me a healthy dose of both with a little wrestling

I do both, I prefer boxing,but that's only becasue that is my primary fighting style.

Can't have one without the other..and Frankie is wrong

frankie fight a jj guy and you wouldnt say that. btw ufc and the like have proven you wrong over 10 years ago

Hard choice. I actually prefer Jiu-jitsu because I am most comfortable on the ground, but boxing would be my preference in a fight. I love striking, I love going for a KO, I love getting hit. But overall, I am more confident and comfortable with my jiu-jitsu game. Needless to say, everytime I spar and/ or fight, it seems like my jiu-jitsu goes out the window... not like I forget it, I just put it under punching the shit outta someone's face.


Ever seen COPs or REAL FIGHTING vid clips? I've seen the cops spray the guy with mace...hit peeps with their batons and the opponents are still fighting. Only when they get the guy to the ground they have any control. Funny part is after the initial beating and finally handcuff the guy...the guy is screaming OWWWWWWWWWWW when u put a knee on da back. U would think he'll be in pain getting hit with the batons and elbows and knees.


It's a tough choice for me. I have 7 years of steady BJJ training and have been training in stand-up arts sporadically for 16 years. I love boxing, though. Can't decide--take both.

You can roll with 100% effort almost every day with minimal injury but if you spar at 100% effort everyday your brain will be toast.

When I work out, I like jiu-jitsu. When I watch MMA, I want to see them punch each other.

ground+ stand-up = well rounded fighter

If you can't afford BJJ, then boxing would be cheaper and probably more readily available.

well up yours frankie!!! Well I think I would prefer boxing!

you might be interested in JiuBoxFu.....

That's right, KaoLoy.

JiuBoxFu is a lethal combination of the best of... you guessed it: Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and Kung Fu.

Practitioners employ boxing techniques to aviod the strikes of their opponents. When said opponent is sufficiently tired from missing puches, the JiuBoxFu practitioner incapacitates them with a barrage of KungFu punches, chops, and sweeps performed from various stances of the animal kingdom. Then, when the opponent is trying to realize what just transpired, a Jiu-Jitsu finishing hold is applied to end the fight.

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"People are morons that are making fun of her for simpily making a thread. Real big, tough guys, making fun of a girl that makes a post on the internet.

Wow, guys you are cool"

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