jiujitsuprogear - what a place!

I had business in Lawndale today so I thought I would check out the jiujitsuprogear store. This place is a BJJ players wet dream - shirts, mags, bags, tapes, jackets (I picked up a bad ass Koral jacket) and Gis (got one of them too - yep a Koral) you want it - they probably have it. All the major brands too.Gilberto and his assistant were very friendly and helpful. He runs a top notch shop. Definitely worth the trip.check them out at jiujitsuprogear.com

They didnt have any gameness or tapout stuff. Well guess it wasnt really the best!

their service is top notch. I ordered from them & received my Gi in 3 days

Gilberto is a great guy. Does top notch business.

ttt for Gilberto !!

bunp for Gilberto.. he is a first class guy..