JJ gi for little, little kids?

Any gi makers out there make a tiny little gi for toddlers (like 2-3yr olds).

I've been training my 2yr old twins but they are using crappy little karate gi (all I could find).

Have him do nogi:D

Erm, are you afraid they're going to rip their karate gis or something? Those must be hecka strong 2yr olds.

I've always wondered whether BJJ gis would be good for kids to wear - toddlers have sensitive skin...

LOL! They out-grew those little infant karate gis I got them.


If they've outgrown some cheap karate gis, why would you want to spend far more money on BJJ gis which they'll outgrow too? If you really want a heavier gi, look at getting hold of a Judo gi.


I have one of these for my son. Nice looking gi, thick enough but soft. It says they are currently out of stock on the page, but maybe give them a call and see when they expect a new shipment.

use karate gis til later, thats all they need up until about 5 years old.

koral has 1 and ck out the addidas gis

Get a hold of Lu over at MKimonos. She made a GI for my son when he was born and it fit him great when he was 1 year old.



Atama has them for toddlers. My daughter was wearing one when she was 3.